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Salala Mobiles
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Salala Mobiles – Malayalam Movie Videos


Salala Mobiles – Cast & Crew

Cast Character
Jacob Gregory
Ajay Chacko IPS
Anwar Shereef
Abdul Manaf
Sai Kumar
Ramachandran PC
Ramesh Pisharody
Tini Tom
Venu Maash
Hawala Dealer
(Guest Role)
V. K. Sreeraman
Shahana's father
(Voice Character)

Salala Mobiles – Movie Plot

Afsal (Dulquer Salmaan) is a naive young man with no motives in life. He spends most of his time whiling away in pointless deeds that worries his mother (Geetha). One day his uncle comes from the Gulf and asks him to join over for a job. Afsal is adamant that he won’t work and instead asks his uncle for fund to start a mobile shop. The shop titled Salala Mobiles gets started by Afsal with his best friend Binoy (Gregory). One day Afsal sees his childhood friend Shahana (Nazriya) after a long time and falls for her. During this time Afsal bumps into Azhagrsamy (Santhanam) who is known for his wacky mobile apps. Afsal gets a mobile tapping app from him. It starts out as a jovial thing but gradually becomes a big issue as more people come to know about this landing Afsal into deep trouble. What happens from here on forms the crux of the film.

Salala Mobiles – Movie Reception

Salala Mobiles was the directorial debut of ad film maker Sharath Haridaasan who had worked a lot with Mammootty. The film had huge pre-release buzz due to the fresh pairing of Dulquer and Nazriya for the first time plus hit music. However, it released upon mixed-negative reviews and became a dud at the box office. The main drawback of the film was the weak and unimaginative script with Dulquer’s characterization too coming for a lot of flak. The film was Dulquer’s second consecutive flop at the box office after Pattam Pole.

Salala Mobiles – Malayalam Movie Review

The plot of the movie revolves around a mansion and a treasure within it. Enters (Mohanalal) and the team who is one among the few behind the treasure. A heist is planned…
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