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Salala Mobiles

Salala Mobiles


Cine Shore Rating:
2.5 Watchable, but incomplete.


Afsal (Dulquer Salmaan) is an irresponsible guy with no motives in life. He sets a mobile shop with the help of his uncle and is assisted by his friend, Binoy (Gregory). Afsal also falls in love with Shahana (Nazriya) to whom he cant express his feelings.Once he is off to Coimbatore to buy some accessories to his shop and happens to get an unconventional application which further brings hopes and some complications in his life. How he deals with it, how he expressed his love form the rest of the story.


Dulquer Salmaan once again chooses a safe and simple role without any complexity.Yet he holds up with his unique screen presence and a striking simplicity. The scene where he opens his mind in front of the heroine and the climax scene where he keeps a lovely smile in one important scenes are few examples for that Nazriya is adorable as Shahana, and she is decent in her role. Jacob Gregory as our hero’s side kick is again in full form like the duo’s ABCD. He brings out lot of laugh-loud moments throughout the movie. The one who did the character of Manaf is also impressive in typical Malabari style, and he too brings some lighter moments. Santhanam who did a special role is unfortunately terrible in a forced role. There are few other characters, and they all does their job.


The basic plot of the movie is not so real,but is said in quiet subtle and simple way which saves the show. Screenplay falters in initial moments where all the efforts to bring the laugh ends up as a mishap. But it gets better afterwards with few genuine laughs and nice characters. There is a cute romance track between our lovable leads. But the director failed to utilise the crackling chemistry between them with only few combo scenes of both as he was focusing more on comedy. There was an underlying message in the Plot which could have been said in more detail.Direction by Sharat is okay as a debut work but was weak in the beginning.


Satheesh Kurup’s cinematography is a treat for eyes especially in the song sequences. Gopi Sundars songs are fine, and he once again rocked in the background music department which is the lifeline for the movie. Editing is crisp and holds without much lags. The set work for the Qawali Song is one of the best ever syncing nicely with the mood of the song.


The first thirty minutes or so is quiet boring, but things got better afterwards. The comedies and subtle narration takes the movie forward without any lags. Still the last song in the movie acts as a speed breaker and the tempo goes a bit down post here. The pre-climax sequence is impressive and is lovely. But the abrupt climax brings down the overall feel but is okay.Overall Salala Mobiles is an above average flick and is watchable if you are okay with these kind of light hearted offerings.

Rating : 2.5/5