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Fireman 2 Days Collection

Fireman 2 Days Collection ImageMammootty- Deepu Karunakaran teams Fireman has opened fairly in box office. The two days gross which is said to be around 1.30 Crore is decent for the movie as it released without much hype. Opening day was reasonably good, but certain areas like Kottayam district was low. There was a slight drop yesterday as it was a weekday and thus the film has to improve over the weekend. What’s favouring the movie is the word of mouth, which is ranging from above average to decent and what’s its biggest challenge is the release time. It is a well known fact that February, especially after first 2 weeks doesn’t favour a movie unless it has a unanimously good report and Fireman has to sustain with a word of mouth below that.

Gross : 1.30 Crores (2 Days)(Kerala)
Verdict : Above average opening