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Will Karnan Happen..? Mammootty Opens His Silence

will-karnan-happen-mammootty-opens-his-silenceEver since the announcement of ‘Karnan’ to be directed by R.S Vimal with Prithviraj has hit the floors, there has been one more ‘Karnan’ doing the rounds. We are talking about another project with the same central character and that is said to star Mammootty. This one will have popular character actor P. Sreekumar writing the story and screenplay and is said to be directed by Madhupal. Sreekumar has directed a couple of films in the past like ‘Asthikal Pookkunnu’, Vishnu [which starred Mammootty himself] and this is his comeback to behind the camera after 1994.In fact Sreekumar has penned the film 10 years before, according to him and was awaiting for a nod from Mammootty. Once R.S Vimal and Prithviraj announced about their ambitious project, the one planned with Mammootty too started to get into the limelight.

Meanwhile, there were reports suggesting that Mammootty’s version is shelved because of some unknown reasons, but recently P Sreekumar refuted it as a baseless rumour and their project is very much own. When asked about when it will start, Sreekumar said that they are in the pre production stage of the movie and very soon they will announce the project officially. Same is the reply from director Madhupal who stated that it needs a lot of home work and preparations before they could start the project as it isn’t an ordinary film. He too cleared the air that they are soon getting into the pre production of the movie.

While the writer and director opened about the status of the film, the lead actor was unavailable till date to give any hints about the project. Now, he has finally said something about the project in a public function which happened yesterday in Dubai. During the conversation session one from the audience quizzed about the movie to Mammootty, who responded ”It it is very early for me to talk about the project and let the men behind the project decide about it. If i give any hope on the project right now, then the responsibilities would fall on me [laughing]. Let us wish that it happens soon” paused a tricky Mammootty once again giving the project a half life.