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Shankar’s I Bites Dust In Few Territories

Shankar's I Bites Dust In Few Territories Image
Showman Shankar’s ‘I’ may be a Hit in Tamil Nadu, Over Seas and Kerala and gave its buyers here a few profits. But the film caused loss for its buyers in Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka. In A.P the dubbed version did good business of around 25-26 Crore as a share, but the buying rate stood at a whopping 36 Crore, which is almost the final figures of his previous Rajni starer ‘Robo’. The report here was discouraging for the movie and that has resulted in the same. This is the first Shankar film to lose a substantial amount in this area, after some average grossers previously. In Karnataka, the loss isn’t that much, but as a norm a failure is a failure. The film was bought for around 7 Crore and finished its business with a share of above 6 Crore or so. Here the loss is said to be around 10% and here too the mixed talk and over pricing did the damage for the movie like in A.P. Despite all these, the film has grossed more than 200 Crore worldwide and is the second film to do so after Endhiran.