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Pulimurugan Is The Highest Grosser At Kochi Multiplexes.

pulimurugan-is-the-highest-grosser-at-kochi-multiplexesAs expected Pulimurugan has owned one more worth record at the box office. The film is now the highest grossing film, including all version’s in Kochi multiplexes. Though it was Nivin Pauly starrer”Jacobinte Swargarajyam, which was the biggest grosser here, The Jungle Book which ran in the same season set a benchmark here around 3.75 Crore which many felt like, will be difficult for any movie too break anytime soon. It needs big potential films to score here this way, preferably event films like a Baahubali 2 or Endhiran 2. But little did we know our own movie will break the deadlock this comfortably. Yes, Pulimurugan too is an event film and once again it proved that these kind of big films have huge potential in multiplexes.

The film would have broken the record, few days back, but the ongoing cash scarcity affected the film to an extent, though, it should be least affected in multiplexes where tickets are mostly sold through internet, Cards, etc. Pulimurugan has gone past 3.75 Crore till yesterday and it will definitely cross the 4 Crore mark in the coming weeks. At a time the film looked like a 4.5 Crore potential here, but the cash crunch has limited that possibility and now it is to be seen whereit will end up its historic run here.