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Prithviraj Returns To Tamil

Prithvi returns to Tamil

Prithviraj is having a very good time of late with his films getting commercial success as well as critical acclaim. The actor has also won several awards including the prestigious State Award. After a series of flops, Lal Jose’s ‘Ayaalum Njaanum Thammil’ saw Prithvi come up with a superb performance. He followed it up with Kamal’s ‘Celluloid’ which also got rave reviews. His performances in both films were top-notch, and his latest offering ‘Mumbai Police’ has stunned critics who have lauded the actor for his performance and courage in taking up such a role.

The acceptance of his bold roles has encouraged Prithvi to take up more diverse roles, and the actor has now turned his attention back to Tamil. Director Vasanth Balan who has made films like ‘Angadi Theru’ and ‘Veyil’ has approached Prithvi for his latest film. According to sources, the script is a very refreshing and exciting one indeed. Prithvi is sorting out his dates in order to do this project. The actor says that he is open to doing films from any language as long as the script excites him. His coming ventures include the multi-starrer ‘Aurangzeb’ in Hindi and ‘Memories’ in Malayalam. Prithvi is attempting to cement his place in Hindi and Tamil in the near future.