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My Brother Was Murdered : Kalabhavan Mani’s Brother RLV Ramakrishnan

my-brother-was-murdered-kalabhavan-manis-brother-rlv-ramakrishnanMonths has passed since Kalabhavan Mani has passed, but the speculations still remains as there is no clarity on his death. Kalabhavan Mani was seen dead in his out house adjacent to his residence and ever since it happened it has been a mysterious event of twists and turns internally. First of all it was a sudden death as reported by the media and things got complex only after Mani’s body was sent to the hospital. The post-mortem reports stated that there was a presence of some kind of chemical in his body and that spread the seeds for all the speculations. While some opined that it is a natural death, few suggested that it is a suicide. A certain group even holds that it was a murder. While all these speculations stays so, Kalabhavan Mani’s younger brother RLV Ramakrishnan has come up with a new revelation. Ramakrishnan who was seen talking to one of the leading media accuses that his brothers death was a planned murder. According to him it was a well planned structured murder which began before 3 months, i.e from December – January where the murderers started slowly poisoning him leading to his death on March. He also accused investigation teams who is yet to bring the clarity over Mani’s demise. Ramankrishnan also points out his fingers on Mani’s few friends who according to him are behind this brutal act. It is to be noted that recently a lie detection test was done on some of Kalabhavan Mani’s friends who were in doubt circle. As the investigation still to reach its ultimatum the Mani family is still under their confirmed statement of the murder and seems like that’s the only pressing act towards the investigation team. Lets wait and see where the investigation will see its bottom and was it just a natural act or a planned one.