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I Saw Pulimurugan Four Times : Shaji Kailas Speaks

i-saw-pulimurugan-four-times-shaji-kailas-speaksWhen one call’s Pulimurugan as this decades ‘Narasimham’ at box office, here is what the maker of original ‘Narasimham’ sharing his experience about the latest sensation. Yes, we are talking about Shaji Kailas, the creator of many mass films of last two decades. To quote his words Pulimurugan has impressed Shaji Kailas like anything and he cant stop raving about the biggest hit the industry has ever seen.

“Yes I have seen Pulimurugan not once, but four times in theatres and i got really excited about the film. It is a new benchmark in terms of action films as far as Malayalam language is concerned and moreover no other can do this film rather than Mohanlal”, says an excited Shaji Kailas. ”Talking about Mohanlal you should be able to present these things in a realistic way to make a film this huge and Mohanlal has acted and fought in the most realistic way. He also succeeded in maintaining the energy level of the character from the beginning to the end without missing it anywhere and that is something you get surprised about this man”. Ask him about any favorite scene from the film and Shaji Kailas has one. ”There is one particular mannerism from Mohanlal with his face once he kills the tiger where he imitates a roar and that just blew me away. The incident in Murugan’s childhood wounded him very badly and from then he has more than a revenge towards the man hunting tiger’s. This emotion of the character can be completely caught from that one mannerism and that’s were audience got connected towards the character and the film” concludes the director of many classic like ‘The King’, ‘Commissioner’ etc. Remember this scene was the most trolled element once the films teaser was releases, back in May.

There were news that Shaji Kailas is all set to direct Mohanlal soon but the director refutes it and says that ”these are all baseless news and i am not into the sets anytime soon. Right now my project is in the writing stage and once it gets finished i will talk about my project’.