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“I Am Still Scared Of Being No.2″ – Shah Rukh Khan

Si-am-still-scared-of-being-nohah Rukh Khan is on a high after the stupendous success of his masala entertainer Chennai Express that has destroyed all records at one go. However, Shah Rukh isn’t taking things for granted. He says that even after 20 years in the industry, he still treats each film of his as his last and puts his mind and body into it.

“I always try to work harder after each passing film as you just can’t laze around after a success. I am scared to become no.2 and lose my top position. Stardom has to go one day and hence I want to do films such that people remember me even after I quit films. There is always a fear of losing”, said SRK.

Khan also felt that the friendships in the industry are tested when a star’s box office performance is in crisis. “A real friend in the industry is one who stands by you even when your film doesn’t do well. I have lost friends and a part of audiences too I guess after Ra One and made new enemies after Chennai Express!”, he added.