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Gopi Withdraws His Case On Kaththi And Murugadoss

Gopi Withdraws His Case On Kaththi And Murugadoss ImageIt was a big news all these days with a writer, Gopi filing a defamation case against A.R Murugadoss stating that the story of the film, ‘Kaththi‘ was his own. It was recently that Gopi, came to media that story of ‘Kaththi’ was actually told by him to Murugadoss, based on which Murugadoss wrote the latest Vijay starrer. The news spread like a wildfire and several media’s came in support of Gopi. But on the other side Murugadoss alleged that he has never heard of this person Gopi and have never met him. He also alleged that this is just a case of blackmailing to claim some money and refuted the whole news. The court finally demanded for proof from Gopi which he couldn’t submit with any solid one. Thus, he has withdrew the case and the court has demanded a fine of Rs.1000 for wasting the time with a case sans any solid proof. Meanwhile, the issue has definitely helped ‘Kaththi’, to gain some more publicity post release and should be a happy news for all of them associated with the project.