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Exclusive : What’s The Status Of Bahubali Part-2

exclusive-whats-the-status-of-bahubali-part-2While all bullets are ready to fire from ‘Bahubali- The Beginning’ there’s nothing more to talk about the film rather than after its release. So here are some of the interesting updates about the 2nd part of the film, including its current status and its title.

It’s well known that Bahubali is shot as 2 parts with the first one all set to release on 10th of July and the second one being in production. As of now the team has put on a stop for its shooting and is full on with the promotion of the film. The rest will go into floors after the release of this as per the director. Meanwhile visionary director Rajamouli has opened upon the title of the 2nd part as ‘Bahubali- The conclusion’. As indicated by the name it will see the end of the Bahubali tale. Meanwhile the 2nd part is done only for around 40% as per the director and around 120 days of the shoot is still left in the film. Thus, with around 4 months just for the shoot and another few for post production, we will have to wait a bit for the sequel.