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‘Bollywood Is Highly Monotonous’ – Irrfan Khan

bollywood-is-highly-monotonous-irrfan-khan-300x300Bollywood Actor Irrfan Khan feels that the industry lacks creativity these days. The actor felt that most of the scripts were ordinary, and films were being made with an eye only on the box office. One example cited by him is the placing of songs in the films. ‘In the 50s and 60s, our films had a distinct language and the songs weren’t fillers, instead they added value to the film. Moreover, they were placed appropriately’, said Irrfan Khan. These days, Khan feels that complacency has set in and film makers somehow want to insert songs somewhere as they please.

Irrfan Khan has done more than 100 films, mostly off-beat films and his filmography has always been remarkable much like his acting. The actor’s recent offering ‘The Lunch Box’ has been widely appreciated for its freshness and class.