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Tamaar Padaar 14 Days Collection

Tamaar Padaar 14 Days Collection Image
Tamaar Padaar has unintentionally stuck to its crazy title when we talk about its box office performance too. The film which released with decent expectations collapsed from the early shows as the reports were too disappointing. Prithviraj who was having a dream run at the box office from last couple of years had a pause with London Bridge earlier this year and now it is Tamaar Padaar which has done the damage. But there’s no big worry for the star as he Onam winner Sapthamshree Thaskara is still making money in the few centres left. Tamaar Padaar has grossed a disappointing 2.40 crore from 14 days and is more or less the final one.

Gross: 2.40 crore (14 Days)
Verdict: Disaster