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Avatharam 28 Days Collection

Avatharam 28 Days Collection ImageDileepJoshiy teams Avatharam  was quiet a disappointment for the fans and audience as nothing was visibly seen in the movie from a team which offered something or the other every time. It opened to negative reviews from day one and couldn’t hold up well in the going. But the film has not a big loss to the makers as it has done a decent business regardless of its talk. At the end of its 4th week (28 Day) the film has grossed around 5.75 crores, which is more or less the final figures of the movie. The film failed to get into the hit list like other Dileep films as this business wasn’t enough to cover its somewhat good amount of investment. Though the reviews weren’t encouraging, the film took a good opening despite of heavy rains. The combo of Dileep – Joshiy helped the movie there, but soon lost the steam with notable removals for other films.

Gross: 5.75 crores (28 Days)
Verdict: Average