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Shyamaprasad Fires On Yellow Writers

Shyamaprasad Fires On Yellow Writers Image
Director Shyamprasad who’s ‘Ivide‘ is running in cinemas right now, has lashed on those who came up with a fake news on him. Recently, some media wrote that Shyamaprasad has opted that Nivin Pauly is a limited actor when it comes to a few departments in acting. Obviously, the news spread like fire in the online media and many took was a shock from a well known director like him. On the other hand, nothing came from the team as a clarification until Shyam himself has come up personally with an answer.

He has posted that he or Nivin has nothing to do with the past and is just a cooked up one, which is quite normal in an online world to generate clicks and reach. The director also took some words to praise Nivin’s efforts as an actor and wished him for his better tomorrow. Now that’s the right way of clearing things, isn’t it…?