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Movies That Prove Nani Deserves The ‘Natural Star’ Title

Not all actors are great at what they do. See, for someone to get good at something, they need to work a lot towards it. And then there are those who do it in such a way which looks very easy. One actor who though never had the intention of becoming an actor ended up becoming a fan favourite. Yup! You guessed it right, it is none other than our very own – ‘Natural Star Nani. From being an aspiring director to an astonishing actor, Nani’s life itself could make up for a great script. But for today, we are counting down the top five movies where Nani proves why he deserves the Natural Star title.

Jersey: Ever felt like you are being forced to give up on your dreams? If you do, then you got to watch this 2019 Telugu sports drama called Jersey. This inspirational movie was everything one can ask from Tollywood and will fill you with all the hope you need to start working towards your dreams. The movie was well received by the audience as well as the critics. The movie had catchy songs all thanks to the renowned composer Anirudh Ravichander. Jersey also marks Nani’s 10 years in Cinema, and his performance was impeccable in it. In the movie, he was able to carry a cricketer’s attitude with incredible realism and left everyone asking for more. Also, his chemistry with Shraddha Srinath was remarkable. But most importantly, we have to give him the credit for taking up this role as a cricketer, which in and of itself is a rare move in Tollywood.

Ala Modalaindi: Though there are many romantic movies that Tollywood has seen and loved, Ala Modalaindi has carved a special place in the audience’s heart. This 2011 romantic comedy is about a man named Gautam (Nani) who gets kidnapped while he is on his way to his ex-girlfriend’s wedding. The movie was a laughter riot with the right amount of drama sprinkled. Nani’s performance was amazing, which helped the movie run successfully for 100 days. We can’t think of anyone who could have pulled off such a charismatic role. The overwhelming response from the audience eventually led to the movie being remade in Tamil as Yennamo Yedho.

Ashta Chamma: We all expect different traits from the person we are going to spend our entire life with and trust us, some of it could sound silly to others. But what if a girl actually has a crazy wish for her ‘would be husband’? Ashta Chamma’s entire plotline revolves around the life of Lavanya (Swathi Reddy) who has a crazy wish of marrying a guy named Mahesh Babu. This mostly has to do with her immense love for superstar Mahesh Babu. What happens when events are orchestrated to make her wish come true? What would be its consequences? As usual, Nani’s performance received a favourable review from both critics and audience.

Jersey was not Nani’s first sports based movie, in fact, his first sports movie Bheemili Kabaddi Jattu was also a massive hit. Bheemili Kabaddi Jattu is about Suri (Nani) who plays kabaddi with his childhood friends in local kabaddi tournament. How this rookie team, with the help of a professional coach, strives to compete in the state level tournament forms the crux of the story. Nani was able to pull off Suri’s role with ease, and we could relate to his character throughout the movie.

Sega: Call it Sega or call it Veppam, but there is no denying that this bilingual action-thriller shook Tamil and Telugu cinema in 2011. The movie was unlike anything we have seen in the past, in that, it featured a killer combination of a great script and astonishing actors. Apart from our Natural Star himself, Nithya Menen’s acting has set the benchmark way too high for the other films.

These are the movies that I think prove Nani’s calibre as an actor and also why he deserves to be called Natural Star. Let me know what’s your take on this in the comment section.