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Mammootty Did Most Of That Movie With His Broken Leg – Sheela

mammootty-did-most-of-that-movie-with-his-broken-leg-sheelaVeteran actress Sheela is one artist who has been lucky to work with all the generations of Malayalam Cinema. Sheela, who has a lot of memories with our past generation shares some of the rare ones occasionally. In a recent interview, she has come up with an interesting tit bit on none other than Megastar Mammootty. The actress who was talking about legendary director P.G Vishwambharan and his movies, recalls a sequence in his directorial Sphodanam which was an 1981 film. ”It was during the film ‘Spodhanam’ this happened. I was one among the investors of the movie besides acting in it and there was a scenewhere our male leads, including Madhu, Sukumaran and Mammootty are escaping from a prison. While the former two were already established, Mammootty wasn’t. So the three have to jump from a wall, which is quite high and as a safety measure there was bed placed below on what they will be jumping. While Madhu and Sukumaran were provided with the bed, Mammootty wasn’t offered one and was asked to jump to plain ground. I being one of the producers got angry on that and asked the director why he hasn’t been provided with one as he too is a human being. For this P.G Vishwambharan told me that guys like him [Mammootty] will come today and go tomorrow, so there is no need for such measures for them.”

”But P.G was wrong or say Mammootty proved him wrong” adds Sheela praising Mammootty. In addition Sheela recollects the scene once again and says that Mammootty was injured after that shot as his leg was broken after the scene was shot and she still remembers that Mammootty had to complete the rest of the movie with that injured leg. ”That passion of Mammootty, physical and mental is what made him such a great star and actor” opines Sheela.