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Fictional Concepts That We Wish Were True

fictional-concepts-that-we-wish-were-trueThanks to the possibilities provided by VFX and other technological developments in the visual medium, the imaginations of content creators across formats are running wild. Filmmakers and writers continue to push the envelope in the pursuit to share novel concepts that leave us awe-struck. It boils down to the point that you, at times, wish if those concepts are real. We have all had such moments, right? So, as an ode to their crazy dreams, here are some of the fictional concepts that we wish were true.

Herbal Fuel – Thiravam

So, Thiravam is a recently released Tamil web series on ZEE5 that has actor Prasanna in the lead. The show revolves around the widespread consequences of a simple idea – what if someone found a fuel alternative that could solve the global energy crisis. In the show, Ravi Prakasam (Prasanna) claims to have found a herbal fuel. However, there is strong opposition to his claim. Irrespective of whether this comes to reality or not, the idea and effort is something that must be respected.

Hogwarts – Harry Potter series

Ever since we got introduced to the world of Hogwarts, we all secretly wished for a letter from the school of wizardry, right? Be it having magic as the primary syllabus or playing an exciting match of Quidditch, the students of Hogwarts were having the time of their lives when not under attack. They surely didn’t look like they were complaining and thanks to J.K Rowling beautiful writing, nor did we!!

Dragons – Game of Thrones

With Game of Thrones recently airing its series finale, many of us are surely suffering from GOT withdrawal symptoms. While the show had a long list of kickass things under its sleeve, it is the dragons that made its way into many a wishlist. Like, how epic did Daenerys look atop those dragons in the show? Large, fierce and breathing fire, they are terrifying yet magnetic to look at. If some day, dragons were to come into existence, count us in for the first glimpse!

Robots – 2.0, Westworld

Now, as an Indian, 2.0 was as big a cinematic spectacle as it can get. I mean, Rajnikanth as Chitti the Robot could lift trucks, run atop buildings and even have thousands of copies of himself turn into a Power Ranger style Mega Zord. If robots were as awesome as they are here, we surely want one in real life too.

But on a more grounded tone, the depiction of a robot theme park like that in Westworld, surely sounds intriguing. I mean, these robots could become anything we wish and help us live out our fantasies as a gunslinger, cowboy, sheriff and what not. Swear on your favourite TV character, wouldn’t you want to experience life in a robot theme park??

Downloading Martial Arts – The Matrix

Let’s accept one fact – martial arts is possibly the coolest thing in real life ever. I mean, look at Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, Jet Li, don’t they look awesome fighting with those cool moves!! But the only catch with martial arts in real life is that it takes years to learn. That’s why, when I saw Keanu Reeves download the knowledge of Martial Arts in the Matrix, my mind went kaboom. If this tech were to become real, there are millions who would be ready to line up for a download.

When it comes to imagination, the sky’s the limit for the most insane dreams. Whether they come true or not, they surely entertain us to the hilt, time and again. So, on that note, tell us which fictional concept you wished were real and why? It would be fun to hear your comments, so go ahead and start typing!!